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Ideas for Activities
1) Have a Family Easter Egg Hunt perhaps on Saturday.

2) Celebrate Easter's joyous meaning together at church on Sunday. "He is Risen!" "He is Risen indeed!"

3) Decorate hard-boiled eggs with crayons before dipping in dye, writing real Easter messages such as "Jesus Loves You" , "Jesus Is Risen", "Hallelujah".

4) Have a traditional Easter breakfast. In our family, we make & decorate Easter baskets from bread dough, baked with a real egg inside, one for each person, as well as other scandinavian breads. Some can be in the shape of bunnies or a an Easter braid or group of baskets with eggs. We use 1/3 oatmeal replacing flour.

5) Do a traditional lunch or dinner after church.

6) Have Easter readings of Scripture & poems & prose & singing before or after the meal and be sure to include the children. We have acquired quite a collection of meaningful readings through the years, some in memory of loved ones who are gone.

7) Discuss the meaning of Easter symbols with the family:
a) Easter and Spring are paired by the celebration of newness of life and the resurrection when all nature rises again.
b) Bunnies, Chicks, Birds - As they are newly born creatures, so we too can become newly born with new birth in Christ, all because of Easter.

c) The colors of Spring symbolize Easter as earth bursts forth. Green for new life, lavender for royalty of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, yellow of sunshine the light of God, bouquests of color proclaiming life rising & winning again.

8) Celebrate Easter Sunrise together as a family outside at a chosen location, or attend an outside service with the rising of the sun.

"I had not thought of violets of late,
The wild, shy kind that springs beneath your feet ............In wistful April days."
Alice Dunbar-Nelson (1875 - 1935) US "poet, essayist"


Three great new books for children of all ages:
"Dirt On My Shirt" by Jeff Foxworthy & illus.Steve Bjorkman
"The Flyaway Kite" by Steve Bjorkman
"Good Night, Little One" by Steve Bjorkman

Some of you continue to ask for a List of toys "Made in America"!
Here is a partial list:

(last we heard)

•American Plastic Toy Company makes their toys in America
• Battleship
• Bicycle Playing Cards
• Boggle Jr.
• Candyland
• Chutes and Ladders
• Clue
• Connect Four
• Crayola Crayons (not all so ck label)
• Life
• Louisville Slugger
• Monopoly
• Mouse Trap
• Operation
• Parcheesi
• Play-Doh (not all so ck label)
• Pop-O-Matic Trouble
• Radio Flyer Discovery Wagon
• Scrabble
• Sorry
• Stratego
• Tri-ominos
• Trivial Pursuit
• Yahtzee
• Melissa and Doug U.S.A. Floor Puzzle (Most puzzles are made in the USA!)

 is being restructured.
Submit your ideas!.


1) Discuss together, perhaps during the dinner, the things that remind each person of Spring and what to be on the lookout for share at subsequent dinner discussions. A contest can ensue after encyclopedia digs.

2) If you are using the Manzanita branch tree used in February, now is the time to hang signs of Spring from the branches, using your imagination.

3) Pick forsythia and pussy willows, bring them inside, put them in water, and watch Spring come to you.

4) Plant daffodil, tuip, or hyacinth bulbs inside, keep watered in sunny window.

5) Take photos of Spring sightings and share at family dinner.

6) Purchase tiny plant pots for family place settings. Write each family member's name on each pot. Fill with soil & seeds, and if vegetable seeds, the family will watch vegetable pot gardens grow from tiny seed to dinner harvest.


"How we deal with the big disappointments in life depends a great deal on how the people who loved us helped us deal with smaller disappointments when we were little."

We can help our children develop precious memory banks.. We are in charge of our children and the spiritual & material experiences we offer or allow or omit in their lives.


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